Volunteering with Friends of  Ethnic Art is a great way to meet interesting people. Our members come from all parts of  the Bay Area, united by a common interest in ethnic art. Our varied activities — lectures, house tours, parties, auctions — provide members with  the opportunity to  learn about art and discuss their own interests in a relaxed friendly environment.

FEA is volunteer-run, and needs help with a wide range of activities throughout the year from more members.

Below is the start of a list of some of the ways members can keep us going in the style we are accustomed to. 

Our longtime volunteers cannot continue to carry the load. They need help to continue to provide the programs FEA members appreciate.

Members who want to help with

Event Planning, Event Help, the Website, Annual Auction, Membership or Otherwise 

either on a one-time or regular basis, 

can write to:

FEA, PO Box 1503, Mountain View, CA  94042 or Friends of Ethnic Art

We’ll contact you, as our stretched volunteer time allows.

Thank you.


  • FEA-Traders’ Market
  • FEA Parties
  • * find, taste test, and decide the caterers and menus
  • * find, taste, and choose the wines and beers.
  • * find, choose, bring, and/or display flowers.
  • * identify, visit, and choose great potential venues.
  • * buy paper goods.
  • * buy and bring ice and coolers
  • * choose rental tables, umbrellas, etc. .
  • * decorate party venues.
  • * hand out nametags and collect any on-site payments
  • * plan the table layout of party venues.
  • * choose music(ians)
  • * collect and organize photos for speakers
  • * set up/provide A/V
  • * provide personal touches  – bringing potluck items
  • * answer questions about FEA events.
  • * receive and record RSVPs for FEA events.
  • * print nametags for FEA events
  • * store leftovers or supplies – wine, beer, tablecloths, . . .
  • Other FEA Events
  • * formulate, facilitate, or host home tours, museum docent tours, lectures  …
  • * find free or affordable venues for lectures
  • * find interesting possible speakers from around the world
  • * pick up, drive, dine with, and/or host visiting speakers
  • * enjoy perks and opportunities from other organizations, extended to FEA Board members
  • Other Events
  • * represent FEA with your personal experiences and FEA brochures and FEA event information at the February Art Shows in San Francisco and Marin, to share with potential new members and current members
  • * represent FEA at other events
  • FEA Facebook Groups
  • * share interesting news, photos, events, etc.
  • Financials
  • * keep the books
  • * deposit checks
  • * transfer PayPal income to bank account
  • * pay bills
  • * present financial reports
  • * file IRS tax statement
  • * file State nonprofit statement
  • * liaise with insurance company
  • Communications
  • * edit
  • * mass email.
  • * stuff and send postal mailings
  • * receive/pick up FEA postal mail
  • * keep the website up-to-date.
  • * help Board members use Skype for meetings