2014-15 Board of Directors & Leadership

President: Elizabeth Blois
Vice President & Secretary: Callie Oakes & Sheridan Oakes
Treasurer: Susan Evoy

Jaap Bongers
Doug Cooper
Jeff DeLisio
Dave DeRoche
Nancy DeRoche
Callie Oakes
Sheridan Oakes
Vicki Weatherford

* Membership: Susan Evoy (elected to continue 10/10/13);
Nancy DeRoche elected (11/14/2013) to take over as Membership Chair in the Spring of ’14
* Programs Coordinator:
* Land Lecture Chair: Michel Quenon
* 2013 Holiday Party Lead: Nancy DeRoche
* San Francisco Tribal and Textile Arts Show (Feb 7-9, 2014)
Speaker Chair
: Dave DeRoche
* Marin Art of the America’s Show (Feb 21-23, 2014)
Speaker Chairs
: Ken and Barbara Miles
(Elizabeth Blois, Board contact and volunteer coordinator); and
Tentatively for 2015–Elizabeth & Ty Krauss
* 2014 Annual Party, Meeting and Auction Committee Chair/s:
* Web-site Coordinator: