Market Table Information

DRAFT Instructions for Traders With Tables

1)      Make sure you have a table reserved and paid for. Bring a tablecloth for a nice presentation.,-122.2320045,18z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xe369ae326d086960!8m2!3d37.8240125!4d-122.2330345

The handicapped RAMP starts at the sidewalk on Bonita Ave., about 30 yards north of Magnolia, on the east side of the street.

2)      Arrive by 3:15 pm to get into line to check in, get your table location and name tag, and bring in and unpack boxes from your vehicle.

3)      You and your boxes will enter the building via the handicapped RAMP at the back-left (northwest) corner of the Piedmont Center for the Arts

4)     After unloading , you should re-park your vehicle 2+ blocks away so that (especially our less spry) buyers can easily attend and buy.


Before leaving home, it is recommended that you:

4)      Label each object with a short description/tribe/use; removable sticky labels, or stringed tags can be bought at stationers stores.

5)      Print an Asking Price on the label

6)      Print you own initials or name on the label or object

7)      Bring at least $100–$200 in small-bills change, and at least 4-8 blank checks for offsetting trades or buying. (There will be bargains to buy at nearby tables.)

8)      Wrap your objects in bubble-wrap or old paper or towels to cushion them, and bring them in boxes you can carry. Bubble-Wrap-BAGS are fast and useful.

9)      It never hurts to have extra packing material and boxes and tape, for sold items and for packing  up afterwards.

10)   Bring two pens, and a duplicating receipt book so that you can give a sales receipt to buyers and keep a copy for yourself.

11)   Bring some business cards if you wish to be in touch with new contacts later.


Setting up, selling, and taking down:

12)   Set Up immediately after entry/registration. Most just put on their tablecloth and unwrap and lay things on their table.

13)   Most take boxes and wrapping back to their trunk. Some leave some packing and a box under their table.

14)   Sell, Trade, Buy, Bargain. You may wish to label “SOLD” your sold items (if not taken away yet) and your purchases.

15)   Answer questions if you can, make change, write up receipts if you wish.

16)   At 7 pm, or if you are finalizing sales then by 7:15 pm latest, get your boxes and wrapping material and pack up your unsolds and your purchases.

17)   Your table and its spot need to be completely empty and clean by 7:45 pm and we all need to be gone (or else sweeping/cleaning/taking trash) by 8pm.