2014 Annual Auction

Indo mask (2)
The 2014 Annual Auction and Party, as a part of the FEA brief-as-a-blink Annual Meeting, should be as exciting, entertaining, and extensive as ever. A tempting little stash of donations has already been received from generous donors. NOW and through the end of August is the best time to contact FEA Auction Committee members via Friends of Ethnic Art and arrange for YOUR donations to be received at a place near you, or be picked up at your home or office. FEA’s collectors and dealers enjoy the auction as a great opportunity to donate and to purchase. The wise ones do both!

Perhaps you are lightening your load. Perhaps you are downsizing. Maybe you are actually making money this year and could use a tax write-off (if allowed by IRS law and advised by your tax attorney). Maybe your house seems to be shrinking. You may be tired of a certain mask on the wall. Possibly you have a new house. No doubt you need to make room for new acquisitions.

For every reason there is for you to donate an art object or two to our FEA Annual Auction, there is an equal and opposite reason for you to come to the Auction and hunt for new treasures. Remember our motto: “Give Until It Hurts, And Then Buy Until The Pain Goes Away.” And this event is an ideal opportunity for you to invite friends, art aficionados, and any potential members. In this Auction we expect that again there will be masks, statues, jewelry, textiles, pottery, shields, weapons, art books, professional services, baskets, bowls, magic figures, clothing, vessels, woodcarving, metalwork, and more…

Operators are standing by, as they say. Ideally, for best attention to and presentation of your donations, please contact the Auction Committee via Friends of Ethnic Art by Saturday September 6th, 2014 to arrange for your donation(s) to be picked up or received.

Just some of the 100+ donated items:

Japanese Bell and Dorje Set Jade Bowl China Gope Board PNG Indo mask Indo mask distorted