Fall Party – Sept 18, 2009


Wine, and Catered Lunch Provided

The  Park-like Setting Offers Spacious Cool Interiors


Both Shady and Sunny Gardens,

Quick Mid-Peninsula  Highway 101 Access,

Easy Free Parking.

The Annual FEA Meeting, Party and Auction will take place in a beautiful South Bay park where lunch will be served and our fund-raising auction held. Dressing in Ethnic Clothing & Jewelry is Encouraged!!!


What a Party & Auction is coming this September 18, 2009!—lively and
exciting but in a secluded parkland setting that will be ‘ours’ for
the day, artful and aesthetically stimulating – and fun.

The catered food will be a spectacular array of the varied cuisines
of India, but our theme this year focuses more on the village life
of Tribal Asia. If you’d like to take advantage of this traditional
opportunity to wear your ethnic finery, from jewelry to colorful
indigenous textiles made into skirts or shirts, pants or dresses,
vests or scarves, then here is your chance. Consider examples of
the costumes, clothing, or jewelry of the hill tribes of S.E. Asia
and the Golden Triangle, or of The Philippines or Indonesia, or of
the ethnic minorities of China, India, and The Himalayas. But any
ethnic adornment is encouraged, and don’t forget a hat.

There will be a lot of tribal art to admire at the Annual Party &
Auction. On one side of the room will be a display of Animals
in Ethnic Art, loaned (and not for sale) by many members of
FEA. You are invited, urged, to bring one exciting example of an
animal motif in an art object or artifact from Africa, Oceania, The
Americas (including Pre-Columbian cultures), or Tribal Asia. It
can be a figure, a mask, a textile depiction, jewelry or an object of
adornment, weapon, or whatever you wish. You may bring three
objects if they are small, two if medium-sized, or one if large.
Please bring nothing huge and nothing alive. Bring a label or small
sign-card for each object, on which you have typed or printed:
What the object is and a recognizable description; Which people,
tribe, or culture made it; Where these people live(d); When you
believe it was made; and, Who has loaned it (you or Anonymous).
You will have to pack, transport, pick up, and insure your own
object(s) and hold FEA and its members blameless.

One the other side of the room will be displayed a bounty of more

than 100 donated art treasures: statues and masks, textiles and
costumes/clothing, baskets and bowls, jewelry, figures, weapons
and shields, art books, objects of use, stools and tools…

A favorite annual event for many FEA members is the Fundraising
Auction that concludes the Annual Party. Dedicated tribal art
collectors, enthusiastic art lovers and artists, and home designers
and decorators all seem to love the two aspects of this auction.

The first pleasure is donating a significant pre-loved ethnic art
object from your home, gallery, or storage. You help FEA in its
programs, events, publications, and good works; you help your
tax deductions; you clear display space in your home; you bring a
happy tear to the eye of your spouse, roommate, or cat; and, you
feel good about yourself and your encouragement of the ethnic art

The second pleasure is attending the Auction, spotting some
treasure(s) that the generous and overwhelmed have donated and
the unknowing have overlooked, and bidding and buying it at a

But, Donors: not every piece goes for a bargain price. You may
donate significant objects with the assurance that an eager throng
of 100+ knowledgeable art lovers will carefully preview and study
your donation. They’ll read and hear your object description and
your name (anonymity upon request) and they’ll appreciate your
generosity. They’ll bid spiritedly. (Pieces with marketable values
over $1000 may be donated contingent upon the piece bringing a
pre-agreed minimum, or else the donor can have the piece back.)
Your generosity will not be overlooked, so give like a chief to a
potlatch. Do you want to acquire a significant piece? Then bring a
significant piece. If we all bring an old significant piece, then we
can all go home with a new significant piece.

Please walk around your house, gallery, or storage and put aside
for donation to FEA those pieces that no longer excite you or your
spouse, or don’t display well with your recent acquisitions or your
home renovation. Operators are standing by for your donations
to FEA: volunteers will PICK UP your donations, or you can take
them to local drop spots (see accompanying page).

Although art donations may be brought to the Party, they are better
promoted when received as soon as possible or during these next
four weeks. Remember our motto: Clear Space in Your Home –
And Then Fill It.

The Auction will be live and lively for most of the objects, but
determined bidders and those having to leave early can leave
strong bids or take advantage of Buy Now prices for some pieces;
others will close during lunchtime in a Silent Auction.