Market Table Information

September 23, 2018 FEA Annual Party

Note – Market tables are exclusively for FEA members with paid party reservations. Advance payment is required. First paid, first reserved. If there is no space when your payment is received, we will not be able to honor your reservation. Your $$ will be refunded.  First paid, first reserved.

The Traders’ Treasure Market lets FEA members sell (or display) items from their collections directly to party attendees. Just sign up for a Treasure Market table and you can offer artifacts, textiles, jewelry, and art to a great audience  – and keep the proceeds, or donate a percentage to FEA.  We strongly encourage all members to take a break from the Market during lunch to enjoy the food and drink, and company of FEA members.

Want to Sell or Exhibit at the Market?    We have just 15 Market tables available (at a small fee) to paid FEA members and party attendees.  We expect tables to sell out, so reserve now – first paid, first reserved.

Preparing Before: We encourage sellers/exhibitors to write a label for each of their offerings with a brief title or description, an asking price, and their name or initials. If only exhibiting an object, for our enjoyment and education, or to ask others to help with identification, information, or appraisal, label it “NFS” for Not For Sale.

Wrap and box your offerings. (If sold, the wrapping goes with the piece.)

Bring to the event all your art that fits.

Setting up and Selling or Exhibiting: It’s easy and fun…BUT sellers/exhibitors, not FEA, are individually responsible for all their activities: carrying items to tables, labelling, pricing, collecting payments, writing receipts, guaranteeing authenticity or not, security, breakage or losses, and pack up at end of show. For faster set-up, we suggest that you have items labelled and priced ahead of time

FEA will not be offering helpers. Sellers/Exhibitors are welcome to bring a helper.  If the helper will be at the Party anytime from 11:30-3, they need to be registered and paid for as a member or guest, as appropriate.

FEA will not process credit cards/checks.

Market Table Schedule:

11-11:30 AM – Set up

There will be Caterers, a Bartender, and Party Volunteers ALSO quickly setting up, too.   The space is very tight and everyone’s cooperation in being mindful of others and ready will be needed for an enjoyable experience.

3 PM Close – Take down, Pack up.

By 4 PM – ALL OUT!

11 am Arrival and 4 pm departure times are firm due to venue contract.

No early access, no late departure.

Donor Friends who sell some of their objects for the partial/ full benefit of FEA are appreciated, especially when FEA will not have our usual Auction income. Signs may be on tables noting your generosity.

Payment for Tables – Advance payment is required.  We cannot guarantee there will be table space available by the time we receive your payment. First paid, first reserved.

Table locations and share partners. Choose your table size and general location from the list below. If you are reserving a half table AND want a specific partner please arrange with them and note on your reservation. We will try to accommodate IF they also register while that space is still available.

Market Table options:

    A. Indoors (air conditioned), FEA provides table & tablecloth & 1 chair

Half of a 6 ft Table: $15,    Half of an 8 ft Table: $20

Full 6 x 2.5 ft Table: $40,   Full 8 x 2.5 ft Table: $50

B. Outdoors on patio, partial shade. Optional: bring your own canopy
8 x 2.5 ft Table with 1 chair (only 3 tables)     $30  ___

    C. Outdoors on lawn, full sun – bring your own table, tablecloth, & canopy – FREE

Option C is only meant for self-sufficient Friends, who will set up completely on their own, with their own tables and tablecloths, (with their optional pop-up canopies), outside on a sunny lawn.

Outdoors on patio, partial shade. $30