2018 Annual Party/Luncheon/Meeting/FEA-Traders’ Treasure Market


The date, time, and  registration information have been emailed and postal mailed to Current and Lapsed FEA members.

If you have not received an invitation, join or renew your membership now, to get the invitation.

It’s time for FEA’s Annual Party – the best party and best party-value in the Bay Area!  We hope you’ll join us for the festivities!  

The deadline for our final count to the caterers is fast approaching.

Register Now ! at http://friendsofethnicart.org/membership/

or postal mail to FEA, PO Box 1503, Mountain View, CA  94042

·            Fun with FriendsCome spend a carefree, memorable afternoon with the warm and fascinating FEA members (and their guests)!  This year, we’ll gather in an estate-like park on the mid-Peninsula, complete with air-conditioned building and shaded patio, lush landscaping and stately trees. The location is easily accessible, with generous parking. 

·            Delicious Lunch. Drinks and tempting hors d’oeuvres as well as a catered buffet with a scrumptious Thai menu that puts the true “Thai” back in command!

– Siam Samosa: Deep-fried rice paper rolls stuffed with taro, corn, organic red yam, pumpkin, and yellow onion 
– Crispy Garden Rolls: Eggrolls filled with shitake mushroom, carrots and taro
– Endless Summer Rolls: Shrimps wrapped with mint leaf, lettuce, carrot, bean sprouts, cilantro
– Bangkok Mango Beef: Stir-fried with fresh mango, bell pepper, carrot, black pepper, green onion & chili garlic sauce 
– Bird in the Herb: Chicken marinated in exotic Thai herbs
– Vegetarian Curry: with broccoli, potatoes, carrot, onion
– Burma Tea Party Salad: Burmese tea leaves, tomatoes, fried garlic, carrots, sesame seeds, peanuts, lemon & split yellow peas 
– Green Papaya Salad: With shrimp, cherry tomato & green bean tossed with lime juice, Thai chili, fish sauce
– Mango Salad: Baby Arugula & mango cubes tossed with red onions, cilantro, & sliced carrot in a spicy lemongrass dressing 
– Pad Thai with Shrimp: Rice noodles wok-fried with tiger prawns, tofu, egg, ground peanuts, bean sprouts, & green onion

·         The FEA Traders’ Treasure Market. It’s back!  A huge favorite last year, this year’s Members’ Market lets you shop and sleuth at tables of ethnic goodies sold (or exhibited) directly by FEA members.

You’ll find artifacts, textiles, jewelry, and art from every corner of the world.  The treasures are hand-picked and sold personally by FEA’s own art lovers, world-class dealers, cultural experts, and dedicated travelers.

NOTE: There will be No Silent or Live FEA Auction this year. 

Want to Sell or Exhibit at the Market?  It’s easy…but HURRY.

We have 15 tables available to FEA members (for a small fee) where you can personally set up and sell your own collection. Many vendors from last year want to return this year, So reserve now – first paid, first reserved!  For important details, click here.  

FEA market 1.jpg


11 – 11:30 am  Traders & Exhibitors Set Up their own Tables. Volunteers Set Up Party.  

11:30               Party and Market begin. Enjoy drinks and hors d’oeuvres.

1 – 2                 Lunch – Thai buffet.

2 – 2:15            Annual Meeting.

3                      Party and Market End.

3 – 4 pm:          Traders, Exhibitors, and Volunteers Pack Up. 4 pm exit deadline.  

After the Party, consider visiting Stanford’s Cantor Art Center’s The Dancing “Sowei:” Performing Beauty in Sierra Leone.

Photos from past parties: