2017 Annual Party, Luncheon, Fundraising Auction, Meeting, and new FEA-Traders’ Treasure Market

Friends of Ethnic Art’s Annual Party/Luncheon/Meeting/Fundraising Auction
and the debut of a newly conceived event FEA-Traders’ Treasure Market
on a Sunday in October 2017 in the central East Bay
(email and postal invitations were sent in August to 2016-17 and lapsed members)

(if you have not been a member, join now to receive an invitation)

Join us in your festive ethnic clothing and jewelry for a catered lunch of Pre-Columbian moles and other traditional Mexican dishes, and live ethnic music. 
Bring plenty of cash and/or a pile of checks for the 
FEA-Traders’ Treasure Market
An Elegant Ethnic Flea Market, Swap Meet and Auction of Donated Art
Where YOU Can Sell, Buy, and Trade YOUR Art
And/or Show & Tell
The always lively and tempting Auction will be faster and smaller, and it will be just a part of a multi-faceted FEA-Traders’ Treasure Market – one where you can join in, participating in any way you wish.
Membership, Party, and Table Registration –  http://friendsofethnicart.org/membership/

Have you always wanted to . . .

  •  be an art dealer, for a day?
  • trade your duplicates and collection overstock for something fresh from another collector?
  •  make room in your house? In your storage?
  •  sell your art collection that your children don’t really want to inherit?
  • spend your children’s inheritance?
  •  jump on a “Buy It Now” purchase without having to wait for its auction closing time to finally arrive.
  •  curate an exhibition of your own collection favorites?
  • show your enigmatic and hard-to-research pieces to a roomful of knowledgeable people and pick their brains as to What, Where, When, Who, and How valuable?

(the tentative schedule)

  • 12:30 PM – 1: Doors open.  Enjoy drinks and hors d’oeuvres
  • 12:30 – 1 PMSellers, Traders, and ExhibitorsMove InYou or our strong hired helpers may carry in your boxed art objects and place your boxes on the labelled table tops. No exhibiting, wheeling or dealing are allowed until 2:15 PM.
  • 1 – 2 PM: Lunch of Pre-Columbian moles – Poblano w/ chicken, Mama Luisa w/ cactus & potatoes, & Mango w/ chicken –  Cheese Enchiladas, Carnitas, Aguas frescas, & Flan
  • 2 – 2:15 PM: Annual Meeting
  • 2:15 – 2:45 PMExhibitors unbox and unwrap their labelled offerings.
  • 2:30 PM:  Bidding Begins for FEA’s Silent Auction of Donated Art Objects
  • 2:30 – 4:30 PM: Trading, Selling, and Showing & Telling among Exhibitors and Guests
  •                                Pay EACH member exhibitor you buy from, with cash or SEPARATE checks.
  •                                 FEA will not process credit card payments for sales by Exhibitors.
  • 3:45, 4:00, & 4:15 PM: FEA’s Silent Auction Tables Close in Groups at these 3 times
  • 4- 4:45 PM: Pay FEA for Silent Auction purchases by cash, check, or credit card
  • by 4:30 PM, or when all their offerings are gone, Sellers, Traders, and Exhibitors Pack Up
  • 5 PM: End
Membership, Party, and Table Registration –  
 To Trade, Sell, Exhibit, or Donate Your Sales:
Reserve an 8’ table or a half-table by Friday, 9/29.(see below)*

You must be a registered and dues-paid FEA member to have a table.

Table reservations are first come, first served – there are a limited number of tables.

Marketeers can ask to have us post their names in emails to current and past members, on FEA’s secret Facebook page, on FEA’s public Facebook page, and/or on this page.

 If you want to inform non-members who might want to join, attend the party, and exhibit, please do.

Exhibitor Guidelines:

At home, write a label for each of your offerings with a brief title or description, an asking price, and your name or initials. If you are only exhibiting an object, for our enjoyment and education, or to ask others to help with identification, information, or appraisal, label it “NFS” for Not For Sale.

Wrap and box your offerings. (If sold, the wrapping goes with the piece.)

Bring to the event all your art that fits. You are limited to your table top, or half-table top, but you may return to your trunk to refill emptied spaces. No objects will be allowed under tables. Space to display large, solid, securely-standing figures in the entry hall at your own risk, MAY be reserved: inquire.

Those philanthropist Friends so wishing, may sell at their table objects for the benefit of FEA, or the 50% or 75% partial benefit of FEA. Signs will be displayed saying such, with appreciation. Please advise Dave DeRoche or Callie Oakes of your desire to benefit FEA prior to the event.

Exhibitors with tables, not FEA, are responsible for labeling, pricing, bargaining, selling, trading, collecting money, making change, writing receipts, guaranteeing authenticity or not, security, breakage or losses, and transporting away.

FEA is responsible only for: the indoor club venue, the free and easy parking, the delicious Mexican catered lunch, the drinks, the Mexican music, the tables, the lovely weather, and the fun.

For table questions through September 21st: please contact Callie Oakes acallie.oakes@gmail.com 

For table questions only after September 21: please contact Dave DeRoche at gallerydavederoche@gmail.com               

Reserve an 8’ table or a half-table by Friday, September 29th, as you pay your Annual Dues and Register for the Party by using   http://friendsofethnicart.org/membership/
Or by postal mailing the form (or its needed information) with payment.

Some photos from some past parties: